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Bordertown Golf Club Open Day 2nd April 2022

On Saturday 2nd April the Bordertown Golf Club held a mixed 3 ball ambrose for the commencement of their Winter Competition. 41 members played (including 12 Women).
Members entered their names in the competition and were placed in one of 3 groups. Men Lower handicaps, Lady member or Men Higher handicap.
One name was drawn from each group to form teams of 3. Teams played the course, going around with another team of 3. The handicap for the team of 3 is calculated by adding each individuals handicap together and dividing by 6. Am told is because there are 6 legs per team?!

The weather was ideal for golf and everyone enjoyed the company and comradarie of the other members.
Although the men are generally able to hit the ball further, their direction is not alway straight along the fairway.
In my experience women are straighter and more consistant, but not always! I believe the winning team had a Lady who was excellent at putting.

Runner up for the day was Josh Barras, Liz Hampel & Wes Henderson.

The winners, with a score of 64, nett 57 was Hayden Obst, Bink Barras and Gary Long.

Well done to Captains Ian (Shorty) Campbell and Sharon Leigh for organising the competition.

Our generous sponsor for the day was Wise Farm Equipment who provided the winners with a wonderful looking meat tray each.

The winner of the raffle was Di Obst – a beautiful array of meat, enough for a week or two.

Going by the joyous mood of the room after the golf, and everyone enjoying the mixed company, a good day was had by all.