On Monday March 18th we hosted the Turf Managers Association as part of their tour. Below is a few words from our friends at Sunnyside and some photos of what was a very successful day.

What a superb effort by the team at the Golf Club yesterday. You deserve a huge thank you, we truly appreciate all you and the club have done. Thanks for being part of the tour.

Dinner was delicious! Steak and schnitzel was a great choice, apple crumble just topped off that country experience, and you pulled off the serving process beautifully. Everyone was really happy.

Please pass on our thanks to the team and the club for putting in many volunteer hours to host the Sunnyside and TMSA crews.

I hope that the visit was just as beneficial for you guys as it was for us at Sunnyside. Getting a network together at this capacity is always a great way to engage and meet new people.

Thank you also for speaking about the Golf Club and the passion its members hold. It shines through as soon as you drive in. We’ll be sure to get you up to speak next time.

It was a pleasure to work with you.